Dr Kalochie

“The Cbite tray was recommended to me by my surgeon 7 years ago and I’ve been using it exclusively for open-tray implant impressions ever since.  It’s a true time saver and eliminates the guesswork when trying to grind out a hole in the exact location needed to allow the impression coping to poke through the tray. The brilliant common sense design lets you see through the tray in the patient’s mouth, then just use a hemostat to break out the squares that cover the implant.”

Jennifer J. Kalochie, DMDKalochie SmilesYardley,PA

“We love the c-bite trays.  They are easy to use and we get great results”

Wendy P., CDAKelowna, BC
Dr Stuart Ross

“This has been a tremendously helpful product for our practice.  Fast and easy (you can see what to trim), stiff, so it does not distort and therefore reliable. “

Stuart Ross, DMDCity SmilesWashington, DC
Dr Brian Gray

“We’ve found this to be, by far, the best open method implant impression tray available.  It is easy to use chair-side and doesn’t make a mess. The tray can be quickly adjusted and can even accommodate nonparallel and angled implants through the handle.  It has reduced our open tray trimming time to a matter of seconds. “

Brian Gray, DDSGiannini&Gray Dental PartnersWashington, DC

“The Implant Tray™ is in my opinion the best possible tray an implantologist could imagine.
It’s revolutionary, simple, time and cost effective. Quality speaks for itself”

Konrad KrężlikKTI ImplantsPoznan, Poland
Dr Ernest Orphanos

“Our office started using the Implant Tray™ from Cbite DDS. Our demand for excellence in implant dentistry has resulted in our office switching to open tray impression technique for all implants, whether it be a single unit or multiple units. The Implant Tray™ from Cbite DDS is user friendly, customizable and has a built in design that allows for retention of impression material without compromising the rigidity of the tray. We are exceptionally pleased with the performance of this tray.”Dentist

Dr. Ernest S. OrphanosDental Implant Specialty CenterBoca Raton, FL
Dr Paul Callahan

“The Cbite DDS Implant Tray™ is the ideal material for an open tray implant impression
technique.   It’s quick, easy, and predictable.   I’ve restored hundreds of
implants using the Cbite DDS Implant Tray™ without a single lab remake.”

Paul W. Callahan, DDSCallahan Dental